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Rendezvous Scents

Sweet Shoppe

A merry jingle announces your entry into our candy-coloured Sweet Shoppe. The decadent aroma of salted caramel and spun sugar waft from the in-house bakery where chocolatiers adorn their creations with toasted nuts, velvety custard, and ruby-red reductions. Let indulgence guide you along rows of pastel macarons and cream-filled pastries, candy apples and fluffy meringues, golden biscotti and cakes by the slice.

Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free with our Sweet Shoppe scent journey, where delectable ‘gourmand’ fragrances are baked fresh daily! Classified by their dessert-like, ‘edible’ qualities, gourmand fragrances have seen a dramatic surge in popularity in the last decade, as men and women alike have developed a taste for this rich, outgoing, and seductive olfactive family.

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