Are your fragrances authentic? 

Yes, every fragrance in the Rendezvous roster is guaranteed to be a 100% authentic scent from ultra-luxurious 'niche' & 'indie' brands. We do not make or sell our own fragrances - we leave that up to the professionals! 


What is a Scent Journey?

A Scent Journey is a curated collection of ultra-premium fragrances connected by a common theme, and experienced as a mystery pack of 7 x 1ml glass atomizers.

Each journey has been carefully crafted to build an immersive scent-scape, filled only with the highest quality perfumes from around the globe.

The vision was to empower customers to explore geography, history, beauty, art, and themselves through olfaction; all while building a luxury perfume wardrobe with no strings attached! Think "fragrance with benefits"


Why is the Scent Journey a mystery pack?

Great question! We chose to keep the scents' identities hidden at this introductory stage for a few of reasons:

  • First, to push back against paid celebrity endorsements, influencer hype, and logo overload. We believe fragrance should be about the juice inside the bottle, and not about superficial appearances, transient trends, or internet hype.
  • Second, to allow customers to come to their own conclusions on what smells good and performs well on them. Here, objectivity meets playfulness allowing you to follow your nose, heart, and curiosity.
  • And third, to encourage human connection over the shared experience of exploring a Scent Journey with others. This will deepen the bond between individuals and unlock a whole new dimension of your relationship with yourself and one another. 


    I received my Scent Journey . . . what's next?

    We recommend wearing one new scent each day for a week. (Scent 1 on Day 1, Scent 2 on Day 2, etc.) Then repeat this cycle once more the following week. This will allow you to experience each scent in different environments, outfits, and head spaces.

    Visit the Deluxe Tubes menu under 'Shop' to learn more about each fragrance and order your favourites in our 10ml Rendezvous Tubes. Here, customers can mix and match their custom assortment of tubes and discover the scent's identities upon arrival!

    Whether you're a first-time customer or five journeys in, we'd LOVE to hear from you! Leave a review under the corresponding Scent Journey, sound off on Facebook and Instagram, or email us at info@rendezvousscents.com and tell us what you thought of the experience! Would you recommend Rendezvous Scents to a friend?


      What is a Rendezvous Tube and how does it work?

      Rendezvous Tubes consist of an exterior shell and an interior glass vial, also known as an 'atomizer'. Simply twist the shell clockwise and the atomizer will present itself. To discover your scent, remove the vial by gripping the gold head and pulling gently.

      Perfume travel tubes are usually either 7.5ml or 10ml sizes. At Rendezvous, we're proud to provide you with the most generous size of 10ml. This amount lends itself to portability and convenience, while offering a wardrobing amount of perfume to enjoy in a variety of seasons and environments. 

      Each Rendezvous tube will have approx. 160 sprays and is carry-on friendly!


      Can I gift a Rendezvous Scent Journey to a friend? 

      Yes!  A Scent Journey makes for an immersive and out-of-the-box gift idea, and with 10 unique journeys to choose from, there's something for everyone. Use our ‘bill to’ ‘ship to’ function to gift that special someone a Rendezvous box while covering the cost for them. 

      Not sure what their taste may be? Our Modern Masculine and Future Feminine Scent Journeys are fantastic places to start! 


      What are 'Designer', 'Niche', and 'Indie' fragrances, and how do they differ from each other? 

      • Designer fragrances include any scent created by a fashion house: YSL, Gucci, D&G, Armani etc. Designers are priced lower than 'niche' & 'indie' fragrances while exhibiting the largest distribution, meaning they are readily available in most department / drug stores. These fragrances are created with the widest section of the market in mind, resulting in their mass-appealing, easy-to-wear profiles, and are often highly versatile. Designer releases are typically gendered as a way to market and sell the product.
      • Niche fragrances are created by brands that focus exclusively on perfumery, and not ready-to-wear fashion, makeup, handbags, and accessories. Niche houses cater to a smaller, more focused market with lower distribution, making them harder to find depending on where you live. Because niche perfume isn’t created on as mass-market a scale, the perfumer commissioned to create these scents has a much larger budget to work with. The resulting perfume typically features premium quality raw materials and naturals in higher concentrations, contributing to the bottle’s superior performance and luxury status. Niche fragrances are detailed, layered creations that take more creative risks and focus less on gendered marketing. Here, unisex perfumes are the norm. 
      • Indie fragrances are created by independent, grassroots houses in small batches. Sharing similarities to niche scents with their higher concentrations and price-point, indie fragrances have the narrowest distribution and may only be available online or in select boutiques around the world. Indie perfumers often take the greatest artistic liberties with their creations, designing highly conceptual scents that draw inspiration from unlikely places; challenging industry standards and our own perceptions of what a fragrance can be. They are created for the rebellious, free-spirited soul who values uniqueness, artistry, and individuality. Gender typically falls out of the equation entirely as the indie perfume prioritizes concept over convention.
      • Rendezvous is proud to work exclusively with niche and indie fragrances, connecting you with the highest caliber scents from around the globe.