Are your fragrances authentic? 

Yes, every fragrance in the Rendezvous roster is guaranteed to be a 100% authentic scent from ultra-luxurious 'niche' & 'indie' brands. We do not make or sell our own fragrances - we leave that up to the artists and professionals! 


What are 'Designer', 'Niche', and 'Indie' fragrances, and how do they differ from each other? 

  • Designer fragrances include any scent created by a fashion house: YSL, Gucci, D&G, Armani etc. Designers are priced lower than 'niche' & 'indie' fragrances while exhibiting the largest distribution, meaning they are readily available in most department / drug stores. These fragrances are created with the widest section of the market in mind, resulting in their mass-appealing, easy-to-wear profiles, and are often highly versatile. Designer releases are typically gendered as a way to market and sell the product.
  • Niche fragrances are created by brands that focus exclusively on perfumery, and not ready-to-wear fashion, makeup, handbags, and accessories. Niche houses cater to a smaller, more focused market with lower distribution, making them harder to find depending on where you live. Because niche perfume isn’t created on as mass-market a scale, the 'nose' (perfumer) commissioned to create these scents often has a much larger budget to work with. The resulting perfume typically features premium quality raw materials and naturals in higher concentrations,  contributing to the bottle’s superior performance and luxury status. Niche fragrances are detailed, layered creations that take more creative risks and focus less on gendered marketing. Here, unisex perfumes are the norm. 
  • Indie fragrances are created by independent houses in small batches. Sharing similarities to niche scents with their higher concentrations and price-point, indie fragrances have the narrowest distribution and may only be available online or in select boutiques around the world. Indie perfumers tend to take the greatest artistic liberties with their creations, designing highly conceptual scents that draw inspiration from unlikely places; challenging industry standards and our own perceptions of what a fragrance can be. They are created for that rebellious, free-spirited soul who values uniqueness, artistry, and individuality. Gender typically falls out of the conversation entirely as the perfumer prioritizes concept over convention.
  • Rendezvous is proud to work exclusively with luxurious niche and indie fragrances, connecting you with the highest caliber scents from around the globe. 


What is a Scent Journey?

A Scent Journey is a curated collection of six ultra-premium fragrances connected by a common theme, and experienced as a subscription. Each collection of perfumes have been carefully contextualized to build an immersive and multifaceted scent-scape, filled only with the highest quality fragrances from around the globe. Enjoy your Scent Journey to completion, or switch journeys anytime to explore new products, places and perspectives. The idea was to provide a service that allowed customers to explore geography, history, beauty, and themselves through olfaction; all while building a luxury fragrance wardrobe hassle free. 


How do I switch my Scent Journey?

Since our mission is to make experiencing artisanal perfume accessible, Rendezvous subscribers are welcome to switch journeys if and when they’re ready to try something new. We recommend subscribers commit to a particular journey for at least 3 months to get a sense of the variation within a journey. 

  • Step 1: Log into your customer portal and click on your active subscription. 
  • Step 2: Click the "Swap product" button, and select which Scent Journey you'd like to embark on. 
  • Step 3: Ensure the order quantity and frequency are to your liking, then click the "Swap for this product" button.


What happens at the end of my Scent Journey? 

With your final box comes an email reminder that it is the last fragrance in the series. After it arrives you are welcome to select a new Scent Journey to embark on, explore an entire journey through the Sample Pack program, or, if you're satisfied with your new fragrance wardrobe, you may unsubscribe

Whether you're six journeys deep or a first-time customer, we would LOVE to hear from you! Leave a review under the corresponding Scent Journey, sound off on Facebook and Instagram, or email us at daniel@rendezvousscents.com and tell us what you thought of the experience!                              Would you recommend Rendezvous Scents to a friend?


What is a Travel Tube?

Rendezvous travel tubes consist of an exterior shell and an interior glass vial, also known as an 'atomizer'. Simply twist the top segment of the shell clockwise and the atomizer will present itself. To discover your scent, remove the vial by gripping the gold head and pulling gently.

Each atomizer will have approximately 160 sprays and is carry-on friendly!   

Perfume travel tubes are typically found in either 7.5ml/0.25fl oz or 10ml/0.34fl oz sizes. This amount lends itself to portability and convenience, while offering a wardrobing amount of perfume to enjoy in a variety of seasons and environments. 

At Rendezvous, we're proud to provide our subscribers with the most generous size of 10ml.        While this difference may seem insignificant, the extra few millilitres translates to dozens more applications, and it's the largest subscription-based fragrance tube on the market. 


How does the Sample Pack program work?

A Sample Pack contains 1ml of each of the six fragrances within a Scent Journey. While the identities of these premium perfumes will be kept secret, this service helps determine if a Scent Journey is right for you.

As an added perk, each Sample Pack contains a bonus sample - a seventhth scent - which can be used to swap out your least favourite fragrance when you embark on the corresponding Scent Journey! That’s 7mls total with ≈ 22 applications per sample.

To take advantage of this perk when subscribing, email daniel@rendezvousscents.com with your order number & the number of the scent you’d like to swap out in favour of the bonus sample. 


Can I gift someone else a Rendezvous box? 

Yes! With our ‘bill to’ ‘ship to’ function, you can gift someone special a Rendezvous box while covering the cost for them. Keep in mind they’ll receive a new box each month you’re subscribed, which you’ll be charged for, so deciding upfront on the duration of this gift-that-keeps-on-giving is recommended. As a reminder, each scent journey lasts six months, with recipients receiving one 10ml fragrance vial each month. 


Can adjust the frequency of my Rendezvous subscription? 

Absolutely! Once you've decided which Scent Journey you'd like, you can select how often you'll receive a box, and thus the frequency of your billing. Subscribers can choose to receive a Rendezvous box each month, or every second month


I received my Rendezvous box home but I'm not sold on the scent. What now?

We understand how personal fragrance can be, and that along your Scent Journey you may encounter a fragrance that isn’t love-at-first-sniff. In this event there is one piece of advice we can confidently share, and that is to give your experience with it time.

In the short term:

  • When you first spray a fragrance it's important to give it time to settle and evolve on your skin. Most fragrances are structured with ‘top’, ‘middle’, and ‘base’ notes, meaning they will smell one way in their ‘opening’, then transition into their ‘heart’ and ‘dry-down’ as the hours progress. The rate at which this happens is different for every perfume, and environmental factors can sometimes influence this process. We advise trying your scents on different days, for different occasions, and with different outfits to really get a feel for each unique creation. 

In the mid term:

  • Each person has their own unique skin chemistry. In fact, we like to say "the last ingredient in any perfume is your own skin." Sometimes these biological nuances affect the scent subtly, and in much rarer cases, more noticeably. Other factors like scent placement, application technique, and amount used can also impact your perception. Experiment with these variables to discover the right combination for each unique fragrance.
  • Bonus Tips: Spray the scent from further away, try only spraying your clothes and not your skin, and never rub it in. 

In the long term: 

  • Fragrance uses environmental heat and moisture to diffuse properly, which is why light scents struggle to project in the cold dryness of Winter, and rich scents can become nuclear in the humidity of Summer. Should you encounter a fragrance that doesn't sell you right away, we suggest waiting a few months for the seasons to shift. You may be surprised by how your impression of it changes in this new climate! 
  • In this hobby its not uncommon to encounter a scent you dislike, for whatever reason, only to rediscover it months later with newfound intrigue! Our tastes change - they evolve and sharpen the more we experience, so an openness to the possibility you may actually adore a scent you once hated is recommended! It's this exact phenomenon that makes perfume so exciting, dynamic and rewarding.