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Feeling: Beachy, Sunlit, Sparkling

Coastal Treasures

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Whether you're beach bound or simply craving a mental vacation, this Scent Journey will transport you to the sunny shores of the South Pacific. Local time: Whatever O'Clock, no passport necessary.

Journey Intensity – 🔸🔸

Journey Personas Beach Babes, Sun Seekers, Treasure Hunters, Island Hoppers 

Includes: 7 x 1ml glass atomizers with ≈ 20 sprays each: 5 x Eau de Parfum, 2 x Eau de Toilette

Customer Reviews

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In love

I cannot believe how much I love these scents. It’s like a living day dream. I can’t believe I get to smell THIS good.


Great product, nice packaging and awesome selection of scents. Great gift idea.

Mini Vacation

Diving into Coastal Treasures is like a getaway in a bottle. The mix of sunshine, citrus, and saltwater is refreshing and makes me feel like I'm on a private beach. The scents are not just a fragrance; they’re a mini-vacation. The blend of citrus and aquatic notes adds a nice touch, and the hints of agave, coconut, and driftwood are like a splash of luxury. They all blend well with my habit of fragrance mixing. It's my new everyday indulgence that doesn't break the bank

Arne Peterson
Major getaway!

I recently tried the Coastal Treasures perfume sampler, and every scent is a trip! These scents give off major seaside vibes, with a mix of citrus, saltwater, and hints of coconut and driftwood. They're like a refreshing ocean breeze on a hot day.

If you're into beachy fragrances, this sampler is a must-try. It's a quick getaway to the coast without leaving home! I’ll bring a sample with me on every vacation I take for a memorable experience.

Kat M
Each scent a surprise !

Having a variety of scents to choose from that all are unique in their own right yet still manage to compliment my personality and style equally is such a rare experience that can only be offered from Rendezvous Scents. I usually stick to one fragrance but each time I wore Rendezvous someone ALWAYS asked me what I was wearing. Would definitely recommend this to fragrance lovers who want to express themselves through the magic of perfume.