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Feeling: Warm, Cozy, Inviting

Autumn Harvest

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It’s with great pleasure Rendezvous presents the Autumn Harvest Scent Journey, a show-stopping collection of sweet and spicy fragrances as comforting as your coziest cashmere or trusted leather jacket. Turn up the heat with this toasty collection and watch as those around you gravitate to your warmth.

Journey Intensity – 🔸🔸🔸🔸

Journey Personas – Cuddle Bugs, Leaf Collectors, Pumpkin Peddlers, Bonfire Architects  

Includes: 7 x 1ml glass atomizers with ≈ 20 sprays each: 7 x Eau de Parfum

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chanessa Kelemen
Autumns finest!

I absolutely love the time of the year where you can wear warm and cozy scents. Every single sample I received was a hit! Can definitely play around with them and see which is best for each occasion! Constantly received compliments on the scents I wore in the Autumn Harvest journey. If you’re like me and like warm, cozy, smokey/spicey fall vibes, definitely give this a try; you won’t be disappointed. Happy to broaden my perfume collection with ones I’ve never looked into before and looking forward to trying the other scent journeys!

Alex Rovetti
Cozy gorgeousness

I've always been drawn to spicy, ambery, cozier scents so this journey was an obvious pick for me. I love the variety in this sample set, and am pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed each scent despite how different they all are! Some of them I would have never tried - leather and tobacco are pretty new to me but they were so much fun to wear. The blind sampling process was interesting - I'm a longtime perfume lover but this process really exposed my biases. I am so used to making judgements based on brand and reading reviews and notes... this really helped me get intimate with each scent and discover what I truly enjoy without the outside influence.

I would say the scents are all unisex, and would suit a variety of settings - one was more daytime/officey, another reminded me of cuddling up by the fire with a pumpkin spice latte. I absolutely loooved number 7, that was my personal fave. So yummy and spicy and unique, definitely full bottle worthy.